Cycling Reflections

Current offerings

"I Welcome Drafting" White Printing on Black Shirts, Sleeveless or T, 100% Pre-shrunk cotton.

(Back: Approx. 15"x15")

welcome drafting back

(Front: Approx. 4"x4")

welcome drafting back

Price $16 + MA Sales tax (if applicable) of 6.25%

Shipping and Handling (Free in continental USA for orders over $50. Also free if you send us a self-addressed stamped envelope/box.)

(Above for within continental USA shipment; for Alaska, Hawaii, and International please email.

Discounts, particularly on S&H, given for multiple shirt purchases - so buy several and save!

For onsite pickup (Somerville/Cambridge MA area), shipping and handling fees do not apply.)

To purchase, please email us:

We will respond with a link to a page where you can purchase securely via PayPal, using either credit card or PayPal. [All financial transactions are handled by PayPal; we will not receive (nor should you send us) any credit card information or the like.]
You may also pay by check, mailed to the address on our Contact page, but should nevertheless first email us to confirm your selection is available, etc.

Potential future offerings, if there is sufficient interest

  1. Same as above, but:
    1. On stretch "cycling jersey" fabric such as polyester, Lycra/spandex.
    2. Black printing on white shirt.
    3. Cost significantly more than cotton version (due to increased fabrication costs).
  2. A shirt that encourages pushing and being pushed. For example, with two riders looking fondly/supportively at one another, and text saying something like "Push and Be Pushed" or "Don't Pout: Push (and Be Pushed)" or "Work Together: Push (and Be Pushed)" or some such.
  3. A shirt that says something like "Stay Back: No Drafting", and some appropriate accompanying graphic. (Not a fun shirt, but one feel I should offer as an option for those who feel that way.)

Please email us if you are interested in any of the t-shirts mentioned above, others in the same spirit, or edits to existing versions.