Cycling Reflections

Current offerings

* Sales on hold currently due to COVID and the ill-advisement of drafting with strangers under these circumstances. Please email us if you are interested in a shirt and would like to be alerted when we start offering again. *

"I Welcome Drafting" White Printing on Black Shirts, Sleeveless or T, 100% Pre-shrunk cotton.

(Back: Approx. 15"x15")

welcome drafting back

(Front: Approx. 4"x4")

welcome drafting back

Price $25 + Sales Tax

Shipping & Handling

- Above for within USA customers; for International please email.

- Discounts, particularly on S&H, given for multiple shirt purchases - so buy several and save!

- For onsite pickup (Somerville/Cambridge MA area), shipping and handling fees do not apply.)

To purchase, please email us:

We will respond with a link to a page where you can purchase securely. [All financial transactions are handled by external payment portals; we will not receive (nor should you send us) any credit card information or the like.]

Potential future offerings, if there is sufficient interest

  1. Same as above, but:
    1. On stretch "cycling jersey" fabric such as polyester, Lycra/spandex.
    2. Black printing on white shirt.
    3. Cost significantly more than cotton version (due to increased fabrication costs).
  2. A shirt that encourages pushing and being pushed. For example, with two riders looking fondly/supportively at one another, and text saying something like "Push and Be Pushed" or "Don't Pout: Push (and Be Pushed)" or "Work Together: Push (and Be Pushed)" or some such.
  3. A shirt that says something like "Stay Back: No Drafting", and some appropriate accompanying graphic. (Not a fun shirt, but one feel I should offer as an option for those who feel that way.)

Please email us if you are interested in any of the t-shirts mentioned above, others in the same spirit, or edits to existing versions.